Gold prices

Gold prices in Saudi

If you are looking for the gold rates in the Saudi Arabia then you are just in the right place here I am going to tell you about the live 24k gold price in Saudi Arabia.

Basically in Saudi Arabia everyone have a lot of gold available because peoples of the Saudi Arabia are crazy for the gold and their women’s are crazier than the man’s for the gold.

Gold rates change day by day the whole world including in Saudi Arabia. Get the updates

About today gold price in Saudi Arabia, and get rates of 1 Gram 24k price 209.5 SAR10

Grams 24k price 2,095.3 SAR, 20 Grams 24k price 4,190.5 SAR, 50 Gram 24k price

10,476.4 SAR 100 Gram 24k price 20,952.7 SAR, 1000 Gram 24k price 209,527.3 SAR.

Live Rates are provided by the local gold markets and bullion markets of Saudi Arabia every


Saudi sheiks have a lot of gold specially the present king of Saudi.

 Saudi Arabia is known for its vast gambling reserves. All of the jewelry in the Middle East, However, sales tax or only 5% multiplier value added, gold jewelry is of high quality,

More competitive, and labor A. Which makes gold cheaper than some other inmates?

21K Gold Price

The current 21k gold price is 187.2 SAR and the lowest price is going to be 182.14 SAR the price of 1 gram of 21K gold in SAR is 183.6 and the 10 price of 10 Gram in SAR is 1832.1.

If you want to get the gold in the lowest price you must visit the Saudi because in Saudi you will get the gold in very low cost than the other countries.

I hope that you liked this if you are living in the Saudi and want to buy the gold in the real time price then you need to visit us and see the real time gold rates.

Thank you for reading.